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NorthShore pediatricians help manage the health of your child, physically, behaviorally and mentally. They are trained to diagnose and treat childhood illnesses – from minor health problems to serious diseases – and have specialized education that give them specific skills to care for your child’s health.  They are the first to call when your child is sick, and will see your child many times from birth to age 2, and once a year from ages 2 to 21 for well-child visits.

Services provide include:

  • Physical exams
  • Childhood vaccinations
  • Monitoring milestones in growth, behavior, and skills
  • Diagnosing and treating illnesses, infections, injuries and other health problems
  • Providing information about a child’s health, safety, nutrition and fitness needs
  • Answering parents’ questions about growth and development
  • Referrals to specialists for expert care in a specific area

NorthShore Parenting Library

We are committed to providing you with information on some important topics to help you on your parenting path. When parenting issues occur we know the internet search results can be overwhelming, this is your portal for trusted guidance. We will continue to add more information and build our resource library. If you don’t find what you need here, please call our office and we would be happy to help.

Newborns and Infants


School Age Children

Teenagers (content coming soon)

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